We need your HEEELLLPPP!

We need your HEEELLLPPP!

That’s right folks, we need your help!

As you’ve probably seen over the last few days, Hugs Cafe is throwing a benefit concert in a few weeks!  We’re going to kick off our crowdfunding campaign with some great local bands and…

We need your help!

The good news is that it’s really easy to help out!  We’re inviting the entire city of McKinney, no small undertaking, and we need your help to get everyone there.  Here are the three simple steps you’ll need to take to invite your friends and family out to the show!

Step #1

Log onto Facebook and open up the Hugs Cafe page.

Step #2

Scroll down to the “Upcoming Events” section of the page (left side, middle of the way down) and select Hugs Cafe Rocks the Square.


Step #3

RSVP that you are going to the show and invite your friends!  You can invite a select few or choose “Select All” by clicking on Choose Friends.


It’s that easy!  Almost as easy as…

Thanks so much for your help!  We can’t wait to see you there!

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