Teammate Highlight: Jerry Winters

Teammate Highlight: Jerry Winters

Welcome to Hugs Cafe!

At Hugs Cafe, our Future Teammates are the lifeblood of what we do and the inspiration for the Cafe as a whole.  We want to give you the chance to get to know them as well as we do so we created our latest blog series, the Hugs Cafe Teammate Highlight.  Today you’ll get the chance to meet our first Future Teammate, Jerry Winters!


Jerry is 24 years old and lives in McKinney, Texas.  He and his family were introduced to Hugs Cafe by of one of our Advisers Wendi Osborn (right) and her husband Kyle (left) who work for McKinney ISD.  Jerry has been a long time friend of Hugs Cafe and has been attending cooking schools at Market Street for years.

Jerry’s loves to eat almost as much as he loves to cook.


His favorite foods to eat are a nice, juicy steak with a side of french fries.  His favorite foods to cook are pizzas, salads and baking cookies.

Most importantly, Jerry will be one of the first faces you see at Hugs Cafe.  In case you can’t tell, Jerry is a hugger and it is one of the things we love most about him!  Jerry is one of the kindest, most loving people you will ever meet and for that reason he will be front and center at Hugs Cafe as one of our Official Greeters and our CHG, Chief Hug Giver.


It’s people like Jerry that make us so excited about the opening of Hugs Cafe.

Jerry, like all of our Future Teammates, is no different from you or I. Jerry works hard, is constantly learning new things and wants to be a part of the workforce.  He is kind, gentle, welcoming and always has his signature smile.  He will be an integral part of Hugs Cafe and we cannot wait to open our doors so you will have the chance to meet him!

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about Jerry.  Keep and eye out for the next round of the Hugs Cafe Teammate Highlight as we continue to spread the word about our team, our passion and our mission to have Hugs Cafe make an impact on the lives of our Teammates and the greater community.

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