The Boardroom: EJ Morrow

The Boardroom: EJ Morrow

What better way to start off the new year than by introducing the next member of our Hugs Cafe Board of Directors?  We proudly introduce our dear friend and one of our most valued members, EJ Morrow.


From the first time Ruth Thompson shared her vision with me for Hugs’ Cafe I knew I had to be involved.

As an executive in the foodservice industry I have the opportunity to see the vast impact foodservice has on our society but rarely do I see  something with as much potential to make an impact as Hugs Cafe.

The training and development that Ruth and the Hugs organization provides for the developmentally disabled is beyond amazing. There is so much passion and desire from the Hugs teammates once they’ve been through the program.  The individuals are trained to provide value and bring their skill sets to work with them every day. Their vast intensity for being the best they can be is an even bigger attribute.

Hugs brings people with vast amount of desire together with the training to be truly excellent employees in our industry.


Thank you for allowing myself and the QualServ team to be part of a truly great venture.

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    Christi Mowery

    EJ your recognition of Hugs Cafe potential is true. It is going to take lots of volunteers and lots of money donated and raised to make it really happen. I know you know that and that is why people like you with experience in the food industry and the business world are needed. Excellence is in the formula for Hugs Cafe!!

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