The Boardroom: Forrest Fairley

The Boardroom: Forrest Fairley

Join us for the latest edition of The Boardroom as we get to know our fellow Board Member, Forrest Fairley, a little better.


All my life I have had a strong feeling about the process of laying down a footprint through volunteerism so that others could view one’s results, long after we have left this earth.

This is why the HUGS Café project spoke to me and why I give of my time.

I have a nephew with learning challenges and have watched his parents nurture him throughout his growing life and how he is becoming quite a unique individual and really has a stand out future. The same goes for those we are trying to open a door to Hugs Café as we build this place for the future of Collin County adults with developmental disabilities, providing them meaningful employment in a nurturing setting with the restaurant industry.

My background is in Promotional Marketing and that is what I can do to assist in this effort alongside a Board of Directors with rich talents that address all areas in order to get Hug’s Cafe established in McKinney and beyond in years to come.

We are preparing a wonderful menu of great compassion to a cause so deeply needed in McKinney and many other markets.


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    Linda hicks

    Forrest, this is a wonderful project. Actually that doesn’t describe it. You are giving outstanding people a chance to succeed and contribute to society. Wish I were a part of it. Can’t wait till they have their own cafe. Good job and fantastic way to leave your footprints.

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    Christi Mowery

    This is a project worth the efforts of all who participate!! Time and money should never be a hinderance to achieve the goals of Hugs Cafe!!

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