The Boardroom: Jared Thompson

The Boardroom: Jared Thompson

Greetings From

The Boardroom

Hello Internet!

Get to know us a little better as we dive into the first edition of “Greetings From the Boardroom,” our introduction to the Hugs Café Board of Directors, starting with Jared Thompson.


My name is Jared Thompson and I am a proud member of the Hugs Cafe Board of Directors.    If you’ve gotten this far into the website you have probably guessed that Ruth Thompson, our Founder and President, is my Mother… and you would be correct.  I like to say that I’ve been a part of Hugs Café since the early 2,000’s when this dream of hers began.  It’s been a long ride since then, but one that I am incredibly excited to be a part of.

It all started back in Parker, Colorado where I grew up.  My mom was working at New Day In-Home & Respite Care for a number of years and often needed additional volunteers for the various day program events.  These included everything from bowling to visiting shopping malls and, my personal favorite, Karaoke Nights!

This is where I found my passion for Special Needs Adults and I’ve never looked back.

In 2004 we moved to Texas and my mom began looking for a new avenue to follow her passion and help these amazing people.  Enter Market Street in McKinney, Texas.  For years she put on multiple cooking classes each week for Special Needs Adults and, whenever I was home from College, I did my best to volunteer and help out however I could.

In 2013 my mom retired from the working world, but never gave up on her dream of continually looking for new ways to help special needs adults.  Now is when the real fun started.  It came about rather suddenly, but this dream of Hugs Café was a perfect fit.  It combined her passion for service and her incredible skills in the kitchen (believe me; she makes some INSANELY good food.  You’ll find out yourself soon enough).

Why didn’t we think of this earlier?

Since then we have been working around the clock to make Hugs Café a reality.  I could not have been more proud of my mom and immediately asked to join the Board of Directors; a decision I made without even blinking.  Although this is my first time on any board, I like to think I’ve done my small part to contribute by helping with the logo, business cards and, most recently, building this very website.  Marketing is kind of my thing…

I hope that you’re as excited as I am about Hugs Café.  This passion of hers has become a passion of mine for one simple reason; we’re helping people in need.  This group of people has faced so many struggles and adversities in their lives and this is our way to help.  We’re doing our best to make Hugs Café a welcoming place of hope, friendship, respect and last, but not least, some delicious food!


Get used to seeing a lot of empty plates at Hugs Cafe.


Keep checking in as we continue to highlight other members of the Board as well as some forthcoming Employee Features so you can get to meet the very people we’re hoping to help.

 Thanks and God Bless!

Jared Thompson


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  1. 1
    kathy Nicholson

    Jared the website looks amazing. Everything we need to know and love about Hugs Cafe all in one place. Love the About Us. Great to put faces with a common goal. I’m so happy to be apart of the HUGS FAMILY. I can’t wait till we have a place to gather, enjoy excellent food, laugh and hug. Hugs to you ALL.

  2. 2
    Christi Mowery

    Jared this is an awesome website!! I love the progression of the photos and introduction to the various board members!! Your story of how it all got started is very inspirational.
    As the word gets out about Hugs Cafe and its mission then more and more people will be drawn to get involved and share in it’s success!! Passing Hugs on one by one!!!

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