The Boardroom: Kathy Nicholson

The Boardroom: Kathy Nicholson
Thanks for dropping in our next edition of “The Boardroom” where we get to know one of our most cherished advisers, Kathy Nicholson, a little better.  Here is Kathy’s story!
After retiring from 21 years as a Preschool Teacher in 2006 I began looking for ways I could volunteer and give back to my community. I started to volunteer at Market Street in the Cooking School where a lovely lady Ruth Thompson worked.
I began helping a lot with the preschool cooking classes when one day Ruth asked if I would like to help with the Special Needs classes. I was a bit apprehensive at first but said, “why not”.
I remember the first class, I was so moved by what I saw it brought me to tears of joy.
From that day on I exclusively volunteered for Special Needs classes. I met a wonderful group of teachers/students from a number of local organizations like My Possibilities and more at the cooking classes. For about 4 years I began to volunteer there too. I really developed a love of working with this wonderful group of Special Needs adults.
I was back in Hudson, Ohio on vacation and stopped with a dear friend to have lunch at Hattie’s in Hudson. We were sitting there when I soon noticed that the servers were Special Needs Adults.
Of all the places to stop I felt this was a sign that I needed to share with Ruth as soon as I got home.
Ruth was so excited to hear about my experience. I could feel her passion began to really burst into high gear.  I knew she was ready to get the ball rolling and start her dream of a cafe that would give jobs to Special Needs Adults in our community.
I have never felt such excitement and passion as I do for Hugs Cafe. I am so honored to be part of this venture as an Advisory Council member. I see myself in the Cafe volunteering as much as I can. I can hardly wait till we are up and running.
Hugs to all,

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