The Boardroom: Wendi Osborn

The Boardroom: Wendi Osborn

This week’s post of The Boardroom introduces one of our newest members of the Hugs Cafe Board of Directors, Wendi Osborn.  We are proud to introduce you to Wendi and hope that her backstory and insight is as inspirational to you as it was to us!



I have been privileged to work with adults with special needs for the past 15 years.

During those years, I have been involved in vocational training, job development, and job placement. In our program, we work to assess students’ aptitudes for certain jobs, their willingness to work, and stamina for tasks. Sometimes when we are placing someone in a position for a particular business it is necessary to help the employer carve a spot for the employee. We call this “Job Carving.”

Job Carving is simply tailoring job duties to fit the abilities of an employee with special needs. This cuts down on the stress and frustration that might occur if the employee is overwhelmed by all the duties of a specific position. It can be beneficial for both the employee and employer. Carving out a position where an employee with special needs is responsible for all the silverware rolling, records shredding, sweeping, or laundry, can free up other employees to handle the more difficult and time consuming tasks. It can make your business more efficient and improve the morale of your team.

Many adults with special needs thrive on repetition and enjoy tasks that other employees find mundane. Differently abled employees seldom miss work and are reliable and hard working.

Their good attitude is infectious and often spreads to other employees.

For all of these reasons and more, job carving is a worthwhile endeavor. Adults with special needs want the same things as the rest of us when it comes to our vocation. They want to be productive, they want to feel like they belong, and they want to feel like they make a difference in this world. If you are in a position to do the hiring where you work, please consider employing a person with a disability. Don’t miss out on the benefits and blessings because a person does not fit into a specific box or they aren’t able to meet all the requirements of a certain position. Investigate carving a spot for them and go for it! You won’t be sorry.

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    Christi Mowery

    Wendi, I love how you explained what you do!! It is very inspirational to me
    and others to get more involved. God bless You!

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