The Boardroom: Judy Heasley

The Boardroom: Judy Heasley
Join us for the next round of The Boardroom as we get to our the next member of our Board of Directors, Judy Heasley.
“I am involved in Hugs Cafe for a number of reasons, but it all started in my first years of college where I majored in special education.  I worked with special needs children for less than a year when a different path took me away.
40 years later I met Ruth Thompson and her passion for starting Hugs Cafe was infectious.
Being a part of Hugs has broadened my learning curve and enhanced my personal mission – no matter a person’s abilities, everyone has something to offer this world.  After working with some of our teammates I’ve been awe struck at their humor, concentration, and love of learning a task.  They love cooking and prep work, and concentrate on a task more than many of us do.
The best thing is Hugs Cafe will employ special needs adults, giving them the opportunity to make a contribution to society.
And, through Hugs Cafe we are making an impact on the greater community and truly living the concept of ‘it takes a village.'”

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    Christi Mowery

    Judy, you are right about Ruth and the Teammates!! Working with them and all the wonderful volunteers is a great recipe for a Blessed Future for all those involved!

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