What is Hugs Cafe?

Hugs Café is our flagship program where we directly employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a café setting.  Jobs at our cafe include server, cashier, sandwich line attendant, sides and dessert assembly, dish washer, host and more. We believe it is important to provide quality jobs that are designed for the individual so that our employees will know personal and professional success.

Menus and Ordering

 Hugs Cafe delivers for FREE to any business or residence in Downtown McKinney. Please allow up to one hour for delivery.

Why support Hugs Cafe?

Our goal is to provide a place of competitively-paid training and employment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that teaches valuable skills and provides an ability-conscious career pathway. Additionally, we seek to provide this place of training and employment at no cost to the beneficiary. This is achieved by offering quality products to retail customers as a means to fundraise a large portion of our program expenses.

As a leader in specialized workforce training, we focus on both skill mastery and soft skill development with each of our mission-based employees. We do this by carving a job to meet a person’s ability. If needed, we provide a job coach, or volunteer, to assist an employee in their current position. These job coaches shadow our staff, to ensure the task is being performed correctly and that this employee is working towards skill mastery and personal advancement. 

Hours and Location

Open Tuesday – Friday 11am – 2pm

Our Employees

With over 80% of the staff at Hugs Cafe identifying as having a disability, we provide a place for not just employment, but also community. Each employee of Hugs Cafe learns the ins and outs of working in a commercial kitchen and fast-casual restaurant. Jobs at the cafe include server, sandwich line attendant, prep cook, greeter, cashier, and more.  We pride ourselves in having staff that works hard and feels valued. Come join us for lunch and experience how our employees take a simple cafe and make it so much more. We cannot wait to meet you!

The Hugs Pledge

By: Hugs Cafe Employee Travis Maugh

I will be honest.  I will be kind.

I will work hard with no attitude

and respect everyone

while providing service with a smile.