Hugs Greenhouse

Hugs Greenhouse

Coming to McKinney in 2018

Hugs Greenhouse is the latest social enterprise from the team that brought you Hugs Cafe!

Why a greenhouse, you ask? We say, why not?

The mission of Hugs has always been to create an inviting place of training and employment for adults with special needs while providing dignity, self-worth and developing respect in the community. But why a greenhouse, you ask? We say why not?

We intentionally composed our mission to allow us the ability to pivot as we continually search for additional ways to serve our mission field of adults with special needs. This is just one more chance for us to fulfill that mission.

Ok, so that makes some sense, right? But you’re probably still asking yourself, how we got here. We’re glad you asked!

Greenhouse Story

How We Got Here

Our Story

So now you understand that we’re opening a greenhouse to better fulfill our mission, but…why a greenhouse in the first place?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. When we started Hugs Cafe, we weren’t exactly experts in the restaurant business either! But what we did have was a highly successful team in place with expertise in all fields of business. By utilizing them and their networks were able to find the right partners to help fill in the gaps we needed to open a successful restaurant. This is really no different.

Last year we added some new members to our team that not only serve as the inspiration for Hugs Greenhouse but will also be the operational and executional experts we need to run it in the future. Introducing Bill Crump and David & Kari Shelton.


Bill Crump

To many of you, this name may sound very familiar. Bill is the fifth generation of Crump to be involved in the greenhouse business and he has two green thumbs to prove it. Crump’s Garden and Nursery is a McKinney institution, tracing its roots back to the Crump Family Farm which was founded in 1939. Bill is not only a licensed pesticide applicator and certified horticulturalist, but he has a passion for service and for adults with special needs. With Bill serving as our general manager, we’re going to be in great hands.

David & Kari Shelton

To say that we are thankful that David and Kari came into our lives would be a disservice to the word thankful. Armed with decades of experience in a number of industries, a passion for adults with special needs, and a lifetime’s worth of built up elbow grease under their fingernails, David and Kari will serve as the hosts of Hugs Greenhouse and assistant manager. Not only did they offer a piece of their land to serve as the future home of Hugs Cafe, David and Kari thoughtfully devised our business plan and will serve as careful stewards of the property for years to come.

With this team in place, we’re going to be able to employ and train dozens of individuals who have the skills to work, but may not be the right fit for a restaurant. Their expertise and passion are the perfect combination for Hugs Greenhouse, making them the ideal choice to lead this latest venture.


Green Means Grow


Bill’s personal philosophy will guide the types of products we are going to grow and sell at Hugs Greenhouses. This will include a variety of perennials and annuals that survive and thrive in North Texas. We will focus on growing and selling fresh plant varieties that you can trust are hand-grown, watered, cared for, and loved by Bill and all of our future Teammates.

Varieties will include:



Vinca, Impatiens, Petunias, Pansies, Dianthus, Portulaca, Coleus, and more.


Ferns, grasses, ground covers, and other types of blooming varieties.



Where to Find Us


At this point, you’re all in! Now you just need to find us.

We will be open for business in the fall of 2018!

Beginning in the fall of 2018, our future home will be at 3054 County Rd. 205 McKinney, TX 75071. We’ll be right outside of the new Trinity Falls development and inside the McKinney Outer Loop.

We are so excited to open Hugs Greenhouse and cannot wait to begin training for our next group of Teammates and serving the community of McKinney.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Bill Crump

General Manager

(972) 670-2062

David Shelton

Assistant Manager

(214) 725-0002