My Internship with Hugs Cafe Inc

Being an intern for Hugs Cafe has been nothing but a great experience. Walking in the first day, I was nervous about being around new people and everyone’s reaction to me but I was welcomed with nothing but smiles and open arms. I was given the blessing and opportunity to build bonds with the most whole hearted, strong, and genuine individuals. While interning at Hugs Cafe, I’ve learned the aspects of being apart of a restaurant, having patience towards others, and not allowing any difficulties to get in the way of achieving goals. The work environment was positive and motivating, everyone was partaking in their role, and there was never a time you couldn’t ask for help. Overall, the experience was great, I literally couldn’t ask for a better place to intern. I will forever be grateful for this. Thank you for this opportunity, Hugs Cafe.

Sincerely, Kealayegh (Leigh) Evans