$50 that Rocked our World

More to come tomorrow, but we couldn’t go to bed without sharing an incredible story that perfectly embodies the spirit of the holidays.

As you know we have been at McKinney’s Home for the Holidays for the past two days. We met hundreds of supporters and feel incredibly blessed to have touched so many in our community; but it was one 12 year old girl who touched our hearts and made it all worth while.

We shared our story with a woman and her 12 year old daughter. Shortly after they left the booth the mother came back with a $50 dollar bill which she put in our donation bowl. We thanked her for he generous donation, but she told us that it was not her money but her daughter’s.

She had been saving up her money for the holidays but decided that it would be better spent helping others than on herself.


With tears in our eyes we accepted her donation as she quietly moved onto the next booth, never asking for thanks or recognition.

It’s stories like this that warm our hearts and give us the motivation we need to keep moving forward. We are making a difference in this community one special moment at a time and the cafe will be here for we know it.

Thanks to everyone who came out to McKinney’s Home for the Holidays and for helping us get one step closer to achieving our goal. #hugscafe #catchthehugsbug #homefortheholidays

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  1. This is such a awesome story of how the mission of Hugs Cafe touches the heart of
    old and young!! When God touches a heart it is never the same!! Bless her and bless you all.

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