Seed Project Foundation E-Commerce Grant Award

Hugs Cafe Inc. receives a generous grant award from the Seed Project Foundation for an online store development and overall website improvements. This e-commerce expansion will provide a pathway to more customers and create a higher demand for the creation of Hugs Cafe products. When this increase in demand occurs, Hugs Cafe Inc will be expanding and bringing on an afternoon staff whose sole purpose will be to fulfill online orders.

This online store for Hugs Cafe Inc. is expected to open early this summer. Items for sale will include classic Hugs Cafe favorites, like Wedding Cake Cookies, and new items like jams and jellies.
For more information about the work the Hugs Cafe Inc is doing in the community or how you can be a part of our mission, please contact lauren@hugscafe.org.

Hugs Cafe Inc
The mission of Hugs Cafe Inc. is to enhance the lives of adults with special needs through training and employment. Donations and more information about our organization can be found at our website.


The Seed Project Foundation
The Seed Project Foundation (SPF) funds educational, agricultural, and community initiatives that support sustainability. Sustainability is a social challenge that improves the current quality of life without compromising future generations. The Foundation was established on the premise that funding sustainable ideas today will support ecological and social balance in the future. Providing seed money for causes that enhance the principles of sustainability is our mission.