Why I Volunteer at Hugs Cafe

Hi, I’m Cindie. I’m a job coach volunteer at Hugs Cafe. This is the coolest volunteer position I’ve had the privilege to be involved in, and I’ve done some pretty cool things to date. I love these people, starting with Ruth, our founder. But really, spending time with the ‘Teammates’ is an experience that will impact my life for sure!

This is the coolest volunteer position I’ve had the privilege to be involved in

Each day I spend at Hugs is unique. Today, I stopped into two local merchants on the Square to do some shopping before my Hugs shift. Wearing my Hugs t-shirt, everyone asks me how Hugs is doing. See, this is a project the community supports in a big way! My answer is immediate: Hugs is doing great!

The Teammates are thriving


I am overwhelmed by the many things I’ve witnessed since I started volunteering there. The Teammates are thriving. We have all witnessed their growth in skills and confidence in the short time they have been ‘in training’. Their parents are also overwhelmed by what they see in their loved ones. This was our goal, right? What’s surprising is the way the community has been touched by Hugs. First, it’s been an education. We are all becoming acquainted with a population many of us knew little about. Their lives have played out in society’s shadows. But, they have much to contribute. And, we can all benefit from their pure hearts, their genuine intentions, their kindness and loving nature. It’s infectious! I believe people come to Hugs to dine (our food is great), but more importantly, to feel good about life.

Have you had your Hugs today?