The Dreams On His Heart

“Yesterday was another amazing day at Hugs Cafe, McKinney Texas – the most amazing staff and volunteers make reaching summer goals possible – our food handlers certificate! Bryson took his food handlers test, passed, and received his certificate. This means he can work at any restaurant. God keeps reminding us to see Him as extravagant and keeps pointing us towards the verse in Luke 1:37(KJV) – For with God nothing is impossible!

Hugs Café is one of a kind – it’s the type of place that leaves a lasting legacy of experiences, memories, and stories that will never end. Bryson started at Hugs Cafe by taking cooking classes. I loved that Bryson could takes classes in the actual setting that employment skills are utilized. This setting brings true meaning to learning. At Hugs, learning is extravagant because you don’t learn just one position but every position a restaurant may need. Bryson takes weekly classes that build, experience after experience. I was thrilled to immediately notice the level of skill he was acquiring in a very short time. This experience also reminded me that everyone loves to learn skills that everyone else learns. At Hugs, Bryson learns greeting, seating, cooking, baking, and kitchen clean up. Bryson was thrilled when he was brought on stage at the Hugs Gala this past February and offered a job with the Hugs Cafe expansion – Hugs Fulfilled. This offer included a professional introduction, Hugs Café name badge, and a t-shirt. He was proud of his badge because it signified importance. He loves working in the kitchen, making peach chutney, cherry almond jam, and jalapeno jam. The most exciting part of making jam is signing the labels! Bryson signs the labels of the jams he makes. Most recently, Hugs did a joint venture with a jewelry shop across the street which led to walking across the street and learning how to also make earrings. Bryson loves that his design was named “The Bryson”. Each week he makes earrings and jam. Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, donors and patrons – may we all live out the Hugs objectives; Hope, Understanding, Grace and Success.

Order today at hugscafe.org/shop. With your purchase, you extend community enrichment far beyond your purchase.

Bryson’s excited to say he can’t wait to attend ClemsonLIFE at Clemson University this fall! Bryson can’ t wait to live in a dorm with friends, take classes, and swim on the swim team!  Bryson has many passions he wants to pursue and this opportunity will help him to continue to develop his God given potential so he can fulfill the dreams on his heart.” -Amy Marsh, mother of Bryson

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  1. How inspirational!!! I am impressed!! And will definitely support this amazing cafe and Bryson!!! You go Bryson. No limitations!!! 🤗 Deborah

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